Kush’s first few months

Kush had a rushed birth, I think his heart rate was fluctuating and so the midwives thought he may be in a bit of distress. The labour was 15 minutes. Things got so rushed very quickly.The fetal heart rate monitor was not picking up  good signal and they were having trouble putting the probe that picks up the heart rate from the baby’s scalp. The midwife got very aggressive in pulling out the little guy. He had a lot of bruising around his face and eyes when he was first born. The first few days or maybe the first week he would find it very hard to open his eyes. We thought this was due to the rushed birth. He was the cutest happiest most content baby ever.

Kush newborn

Feeding was slightly tricky but then all mothers know boys are hard to train for anything. He had a bit of a jaundice but then again that’s mostly normally expected in kids. His first few months were not unusually different from any other toddler. he would be just a tad slow to open his eyes, and just a tad shy when trying to gaze into his eyes. Except for this he was the usual baby some troubles feeding, lots of poo nappies and the usual disturbed sleep. He was our fourth baby, so we had seen most of all the dramas the kids could throw and the usual attention they needed for everything. He would, during the days, be so well behaved that, we were happy after three noisy babies he was the quiet content one. We thought that he was enjoying all the attention around him and is passively happy with  the activity around him.

He had a bout of a croupy cough when he was three months and we took him to the GP and then the Westmead children’s hospital. No one raised any alarms for anything in all this time. All this time he was also being looked at by the early childhood nurses and was doing fine in all his tests. We really didn’t have any concerns except that some nights he just would be very hard to settle.

It was when he turned 6 months that we thought that we should show him to the doctors to see why he wasn’t making eye contact, I had looked up the internet to see avoiding eye contact and it seemed to indicate avoiding eye contact was linked to Autism. We knew his sight was ok as he would gaze at objects and would look the other way if you looked at him. We took him to the GP and she said all seemed fine, however if we were keen we could go to a paediatrician. We said might just to see what he says, but still had no real worries, except the small delay and the eye contact avoidance.


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